Welcome to Knights of Columbus Queen of Peace Council #3954

Knights of Columbus Queen of Peace Council #3954 is located at 365 Surryse Rd in Lake Zurich Illinois. We're a Catholic Service and Fraternal Organization.

We support Catholic charitable organizations and charitable community events.

Membership is open to all Catholic Men age 18 and older. Our council is part of St Francis de Sales and St Anne Catholic Parishes in Lake Zurich and Barrington Illinois.

Vist our Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/knightsofcolumbuslakezurich

Prayer Intentions

Posted on Aug 4 2022 - 2:49pm

Please pray for our Brother Knights, Family, and Friends of the Knights

  • Jack Latter Sr - Passed Away
  • Jeff Setesak (Jerry Jagla's Brother-in-law)
  • Victoria Williams - Alzheimers 
  • Guillermo and Janet Ruiz - Surgery Recovery (Friends of Greg Poupitch)
  • Mark Galasso - Gillian Barre Disease.  Brother to Craig and Kirk Galasso
  • Esther Pawlowski - Cancer. Aunt to Craig and Kirk Galasso 
  • CJ Harrow - Seizures
  • John Uriel recovery from surgery 
  • Warren Coler (Jeff Rae's friend)
  • Roger Strothman friend of Craig lung nodules testing
  • Dolly Fredrickson (Bill Fredrickson's Daughter)
  • Jeniffer Jagla (Jerry Jagla's daughter)
  • Helena Broclawik (Stan's grandmother)
  • Maria Pretnik (Stan's mom)
  • Dale Yukich brain cancer friend's mother 
  • Ann O'Leary passed away (Tim's Aunt) 
  • Aleksander Wozny (Stan's wife's dad)
  • John Kieca (Stan's friend)
  • Trish Sitko cancer 
  • Fran Kozlowksi, Alzheimers; Mark Cascia's sister in law 
  • Stan Kozlowski, caregiver to Fran Kozlowski
  • Maria Assimakopoulos
  • Therese Hennessy Larry Marion's Mother-in-law passed away
  • William Pack Heart Surgery (William Riley's Dad)
  • Carl Rathfelder
  • Terri Rathfelder 
  • Martin Wrbka
  • Melissa Rothas Cancer
  • Deborah Paris Cancer
  • Brian Rothas
  • Toni Strack
  • Tom Zolondek 
  • Ralph Kunzmann
  • Harold Weil - Cancer
  • Joseph Wolter prostate cancer & Christine Wolter colon cancer, parents of Tom Wolter
  • John Chiarelli Prostate Cancer
  • Vince Engel Thyroid Cancer Surgery and treatment and Wife Nicole St John Biopsy for Cancer.  (Friends of Craig Galasso)
  • Heinz Werner has bone cancer brother-in-law to Curley Strack
  • Bill Halm St Francis Parishioner - Renal Failure and on Dialysis
  • Jack Latter
  • John Vassallo Grandson to Chuck Vassallo for seizures
  • PGK Bob Parr
  • Karen DiTommasso spouse of Jim DiTommasso
  • Our Parish and Society
  • Police Officers in harm’s way
  • Evangelization and Discipleship
  • All the Souls in Purgatory 
  • All Brother Knight, Family, and Friends who have Passed Away

Please email Kirk Galasso at kirk.galasso@comcast.net with the names you’d like added. 

Golf Outing Interest 9/17?

Posted on Jul 29 2022 - 3:11pm
Worthy Brothers, 
Anyone interested in golfing?  We are looking to see if we can get a good size group together for Saturday, September 17th.

4 Bingo Teams - Spots open- Consider Joining a Team

Posted on Jun 25 2022 - 6:28pm

Hello Brother Knights,

Bingo is every Thursday Night in the Hall from 6pm to 9:45pm.  Doors open at 6pm and Play starts at 7pm. 

We have 4 teams to run Bingo.  Team Kirk Galasso, Team Joe Armagno, John Bernardi, and Stan Pretnik.

Rosary More Dates Added

Posted on May 19 2022 - 8:37am

Fr. Ryan, has added the 13th of each of the next couple of months to pray the Rosary after the daily mass, with the special intention to end abortion.  The 13th is based on the the Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima 5/13.  There was a strong showing at the Rosary on 5/13. Let's keep it going!

Battle College Small Group Faith Community

Posted on May 16 2022 - 9:44am

Our country and our Church are in a deep spiritual crisis.  A large segment of the American people has turned their back on God, and confusion and division about what constitutes the truth of Church teachings abounds in our Church.  Only through Holy Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the traditional Magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church can we find solid ground to stand on!  Let's get educated on ALL the teachings of the Catholic Church by coming to our "Battle College" small-group meetings, including those "hard sayings" found in Holy Scripture and those related to today's "hot-button" social issues.  At these meetings we take a deep dive into the traditional Magisterial teachings of our Catholic faith and apply them to the moral depravities found in today's culture, with the goal of becoming more effective evangelists.  We meet every third Saturday at the Knight's Hall from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.

2022 Dues

Posted on Feb 13 2022 - 8:08am

Worthy Brothers, the 2022 Dues are past due for many of our members.

Dues are $40

Honorary $10

Honorary Life $0

They can be paid either by mail, pay online, in person.

KofC #3954 - Lake Zurich, IL

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