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Knights of Columbus Queen of Peace Council #3954 is located at 365 Surryse Rd in Lake Zurich Illinois. We're a Catholic Service and Fraternal Organization.

We support Catholic charitable organizations and charitable community events.

Membership is open to all Catholic Men age 18 and older. Our council is part of St Francis de Sales and St Anne Catholic Parishes in Lake Zurich and Barrington Illinois.

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Prayers for our Sick Brothers and Friends

Posted on Jun 3 2021 - 9:07am

Please pray for our Brother Knights, Family, and Friends of the Knights.

  • Tom Zolondek - fell and broke his neck recovering and is in therapy in Buffalo Grove
  • Ralph Kunzmann cardio issues - He is doing okay, just taking it a little slower.
  • Zos Alivia Father passed away
  • Harold Weil - Cancer
  • Gloria Giansanti Cancer. Galasso family friend.
  • Angelo Galasso Surgery to put in a pacemaker.
  • Joseph Wolter prostate cancer & Christine Wolter colon cancer, parents of Tom Wolter
  • Joe Sheidler passed away at the age of 93. He was the founder of the Chicago-based Pro Life Action League.  He was also the father of former St. Francis parishioner Cathy Miller
  • Angela Haupenthal (friend of Stan Pretnik) spine surgery.
  • John Chiarelli is going in for some minor follow up surgery from his prostatectomy on 1/20.
  • Vince Engel Thyroid Cancer Surgery and treatment and Wife Nicole St John Biopsy for Cancer.  (Friends of Craig Galasso)
  • Heinz Werner has bone cancer brother-in-law to Curley Strack
  • Zos Alivia's Mother- Covid
  • Jerry Jagla back nerve surgery to help with his right foot. (1/9 update Jerry still feeling effects of surgery and it will be quite a while before they will know if the surgery worked to get the brace off his foot)
  • Ken McCoy open heart surgery
  • Bill Halm St Francis Parishioner - Renal Failure and on Dialysis.
  • John Casciotti continued recovery from a Stroke.
  • Jack and Paul Latter's father
  • Jack Latter
  • John Vassallo Grandson to Chuck Vassallo for seizures
  • PGK Bob Parr
  • Ann Schick Widow to Dick Schick is back at Cedar Lake
  • Rose Mary Kipferl Hospital stay & health
  • Karen DiTommasso spouse of Jim DiTommasso
  • Our Parish and Society
  • Police Officers in harm’s way
  • Evangelization and Discipleship 

Please email Kirk Galasso at kirk.galasso@comcast.net with the names you’d like added. 

The Year of St. Joseph

Posted on Jun 2 2021 - 11:31am

Worthy Brothers, attached you will find a copy of flyer for the Year of St. Joseph. Fr. Ryan had asked me to share this with his Brothers.  I apologize for getting it out late.

Upcoming Events

Posted on Jun 1 2021 - 10:51am

The lounge/hall will be open on Friday, June 4th.  We have a band booked.  Mark your calendars and tell others.  William Riley thanks for booking the band.


Posted on May 29 2021 - 1:50pm

Worthy Brothers, 

Thanks to everyone that helped out last week with the Knights Breakfast at the Hall.  We had a total profit of $378.82, We had about 65 people attend for a total revenue/deposits of $769.73 and expenses of $390.91.  We donated all the left over food directly to Mt. St. Joseph.  We will get the profits to the St. Vincent dePaul Food Panty.  We can also discuss at the meetings this week using some of the Knights funds to add to the donation.  Also, in the donation que is making a donation to Special Olympics a local golf course is holding a fund raising.  Please keep us informed of other worthy places to make donations.

Karen DiTammaso

Posted on May 28 2021 - 12:51pm

Brother Jim DiTommaso wife Karen, is going through some more serious health issues.  She is currently in the ICU at Northwestern in Lake Forest.  Jim humbly asked all of us again for our prayers.  

Updates and Info

Posted on May 2 2021 - 2:27am

Thanks to William Riley, Dave Eddleman, Adam Maliszewski,  Maruisz "Stan" Pretnik for helping out with the Casino Day/Night last night. It was another very successful money maker for our Council. The unofficial but should be pretty darn close Knights take for the night was $4,333. That was our last one for a while next one tentatively set for October.  Thanks also to Tom Wolter for bartending last night for an event at the Hall. .

KofC #3954 - Lake Zurich, IL

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